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Jailbox on Knoxville's Blue Plate Special, headed West

We were lucky enough to perform on Knoxville's memorable WDVX Blue Plate Special last month when traveling through Tennessee. We made a lot of friends and had a great time with the experience. We were even lucky enough to be co-featured on the Stuck Inside of Knoxville w/ the Urban Blues Ag'n blog.

Alan, who runs their site, is a great guy and we're honored to be mentioned on his July 27th post. You can read his thoughts on us, check out a few live shots and a live video used on the post right here.

Tour: we're still driving around and playing shows and meeting a bunch of amazing and interesting people. Check our dates; we're headed West from this point on. LA by Friday or bust!

Keep a lookout for new music in the fall. If you sign up for the mailing list (located to in the white box reading "subscribe" just to the left), you'll receive a new, unreleased song in the coming weeks. We appreciate all of the support - it literally wouldn't be possible if not for the new people we've met.

Oh yeah, and thank you Texas for one hell of a week.




Like a Rolling Stone

Hey everybody! Well, we just finished up our first month of tour and we're feelin' pretty good about it. We've made some amazing new friends along the way thus far (here's to our new fam - Ryan in Pittsburgh, Bruce in Buffalo, Don in Rochester, A.J. in Pittston, Suzie in Brooklyn, Tim from Philly, and Matt down in Chapel Hill!
Whew!) and we've had the pleasure of meeting so many good bands - good
fortune is a blessing.

Anyway, just wanted to post some new pictures of what we're seein' from the roads. We've also got a few new videos up for your viewing (and hopefully listening) pleasure - a few new, unreleased songs have been documented. Please keep in touch and stay tuned for shows near you and some new songs in the fall. Here's to the South on the horizon, and the West wakin' up. Two more months. See ya's soon.


Oh yeah - spread the love! Be sure to check out these bands we've met
on tour and support 'em... 'cause they are sure good.

Tim Williams & the Delicate Few (www.timwilliams.com)
BTA (from Pittsburgh)
Emily Kopp (www.emilykoppmusic.com)
Red Wood Rising (http://www.redwoodrising.com)
Tyler Reichmann (http://treemusic.org/)
Bees Kneez (http://www.facebook.com/BeesKneezmusic)
City Streets, Country Roads



Jailbox featured on Speakers In Code 'Jam of the Day'

We've been fortunate enough to be chosen for today's (July 6th, 2011) 'Jam of the Day' on one of the coolest music blogs in St. Louis. Speakers In Code has been kind enough to feature one of our tracks from our latest release, 'Empty Rooms' titled "I Hate It".

The song can be downloaded for free on their site (click the hyper link to be redirected to the song).

Thanks again to all of the kind folks over at Speakers In Code - be sure to check their site for the best upcoming shows in the area as well as some of the latest album reviews, and also follow them on FaceBook and Twitter.


On the road...

We're into week 3 of life on the road and things are really picking up. The shows have been really fun so far (besides a few, looking at you Normal, IL!) and we've met some amazing people (Thanks again Pittsburgh and Rochester). Some of these nights have made the whole trip worth it by themselves.

I've decided to finally upload some photos of the interesting things we've seen in this beautiful U.S. of A. so you can enjoy them as well.

Like always, we'd love to see you out at any of these shows if you can make it and we appreciate the support when you purchase our music via any outlet you can find it. Always check back for more dates being posted and send us a line if you want us to come near you. This is our summer of Kerouac; come and share some.



Metromix Review for "Empty Rooms"

We have a new review posted for our latest EP Empty Rooms.  Please feel free to head over to the Press section of our site to check it out.  If you haven't had a chance to get copy of Empty Rooms at one of our shows, you can download a copy here on iTunes

Also, we would like to take a chance to give a big shout out to My Molly.  They are releasing their full length album Beekeepers tonight!  We will be helping them celebrate at a CD release party tonight at 4271 Delor, St. Louis MO.  Hope to see you there!